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About Millennium Printing Corporation


Millennium Printing Corporation opened its doors in 1997 with a mission to transcend the quality of products and service in the printing industry by providing a customer service team dedicated to putting the client first.


MPC was one of the first companies in the Northeast to offer online ordering. This allows our clients to access ordering, reporting and releasing of products 24/7. Our prepress department is equipped with the necessary tools to accept nearly every software program and platform for an easy transition from computer to the printing press. We continue to grow our prepress, print and efficiency innovations with digital presses, programmable stitchers/trimmers, automated plate systems and improved quality controls for better workflow. Yet most importantly, we have never lost sight of the practices that do not go out of style such as answering all phone calls directly, responding to client needs immediately and solving problems right away.


From concept to completion, quality and commitment are our main priorities for every project. All MPC employees have been in the printing field for at least 5 years and some as many as 20-30 years. We have the knowledge to give you the best advice possible for tackling a new print project. You will have a peace of mind knowing your project is receiving expert attention from our professional team. We establish personable relationships with our clients and they trust us

with their projects to be done correctly and on time. With so many changes and disruptions occurring in the business world today, isn't it a relief to have a company like Millennium Printing Corporation that still believes in placing the customer first?


We guarantee your job will be produced on time, for the price quoted and delivered with superb quality.


What if my job is printed incorrectly?

If the job does not match the proof provided, or does not work properly in your equipment, MPC will replace the job at no charge.


What if I approve the proof only to find out that I had made a mistake?

We understand everyone is under tremendous amounts of pressure to complete more work in less time than ever before. Mistakes can happen! We will work hard to find a resolution that will be acceptable to you.


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