Why Hire a Graphic Designer?

Think you can’t afford a graphic designer? Think again!

Most people assume that hiring a graphic designer is just one more expense they don’t need or can’t afford to pay in today’s economy. Yet realistically, your business can’t afford to NOT hire a graphic designer. Professional graphic designers…


We’ve all seen (and cringed at) marketing materials that were prepared and printed at home – be it business cards with the rough, perforated edges or brochures that are printed crooked, sloppily folded or seem to have run out of ink on the inside panel. Either way, it’s obvious they were not created by a professional and they leave a bad, lasting impression. People rely heavily on visual elements. A customer instantly forms an impression of your organization, the quality of your business and what it would be like to work with you based on your printed materials. A great design adds a level of professionalism and elevates your business’ image to a higher level.


We are constantly bombarded with thousands of advertisements that all vie for our attention. A great design is the best way to ensure that your company is noticed first and foremost. Professional designers know how to manipulate colors, fonts and images to convey an eye-catching design that your customers can relate to, trust, and most importantly remember.


Sometimes you can be so close to a job or idea that it is hard to accurately convey your message. It can be difficult to see your faults, and strengths, when you are so involved in your business. A graphic designer can remain objective. They can help you organize your thoughts, illustrate your ideas and successfully communicate your concept.


Some people believe they can do anything with Photoshop. The truth is, you can do anything with Photoshop… poorly. No single program has all the necessary tools to create a quality product for every type of job. A designer knows what programs to use for what jobs, ensuring the best results every time.


You’re an expert in your business. You know your job and you do it well. Likewise, a graphic designer is an expert in design. They know how to attract your target audience while visually conveying your image, product or service. By turning your ideas into reality, a graphic designer saves you time and leaves you free to do what you enjoy most.


Logically, it makes sense that doing something yourself will save you money. Unfortunately, in the world of printing that sometimes isn’t the case. Do you know everything there is to know about bleeds, traps, kerning, tracking, imposition, etc? If not, don’t worry because a graphic designer eats and breathes these things so you don’t have to. Unless you know how to prepare your file precisely the way it needs to be formatted for printing, you may find it costs more to fix than it would to simply hire a designer from the start. Not only can you avoid the hassle of reformatting and the extra art charges incurred to fix the file; but you can have had a professional, result-driven design from the start.


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