Why Hire a Graphic Designer?

Think you can’t afford a graphic designer? Think again! Most people assume that hiring a graphic designer is just one more expense they don’t need or can’t afford to pay in today’s economy. Yet realistically, your business can’t afford to NOT hire a graphic designer. Professional graphic designers… 1. IMPROVE YOUR IMAGE We’ve all seen (and cringed at) marketing materials that were prepared and printed at home – be it business cards with the rough, perforated edges or brochures that are printed crooked, sloppily folded or seem to have run out of ink on the inside panel. Either way, it’s obvious they were not created by a professional and they leave a bad, lasting impression. People rely heavi

The Role of Print in Social Media Marketing

“Don’t overlook the important role print can play in the marketing mix.” Dominic Shaw Business Development Manager at Creative Direction Use of social media sites has exploded in the last several years. In February 2005, the Pew Research Center conducted the first of six surveys as part of the Internet & American Life Project. In 2005, only 2% of adults who used the Internet were using a social media site. That number has increased to over 75% in 2016. Along with this growth, social media sites have evolved from purely personal to commercial use – a way for people to connect to a business and its fans. Businesses find they can use social media sites for marketing purposes, such as engaging


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